Meet the team

Josef and Katalin Vizkelety
Josef and Katalin Vizkelety - Principal Dentists

Josef and Katalin are originally from Hungary, and qualified from Budapest Semmelweis Dental School – Katalin in 1979 and Josef a year later.  They have worked together ever since, first in Hungary and Germany, and then moving to England in 2003.

Having previously set up their own practice in Germany, they are delighted to have taken over Cathedral Dental Practice in 2006. 
The couple have attended many post-graduate courses to further enhance their dental skills, and remain committed to their ongoing education.  Courses attended include cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, periodontology (advanced gum care), prosthodontics (tooth replacements), implantology, TMJ treatments (to help solve problems with the jaw joint), endodontics (root canal therapy), functional orthodontics (tooth straightening) and whole mouth restoration (cosmetic and functional restoration). They have also completed many courses focussing on complementary health, including Homeopathy, Kinesiology, EAV (electroacupuncture) called after Dr Voll, Luscher Colourtherapy Test, Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Both Josef and Katalin are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). Josef's GDC number is 82709 and Katalin's GDC number 82710.

In his spare time, Josef enjoys a game of chess; he also plays the guitar and the accordion. In addition he has a great love of poetry, both reading the work of others and writing his own.

Katalin also has many interests outside of work. These include knitting, looking after her garden and growing flowers. She also enjoys taking plenty of fresh air with long country walks.